Tone Deaf

by Michael O. Allen on February 17, 2008

Leon Wieseltier over at The New Republic had heard Sen. Barack Obama’s song and he, for one, is totally immune to this call:

It is not “the politics of fear” to remind Obama’s legions of the blissful that, while they are watching Scarlett Johansson sway to the beat, somewhere deep inside a quasi independent territory we might call Islamistan people are making plans to blow them to bits. (Yes, they can.)

I have to say his play on the “Yes, We Can” rhetoric is quite clever. Sen. Obama, I believe, threatened to pursue Osama bin Laden into Pakistan, if necessary, and was roundly lambasted for rashness.

You cannot win against Wieseltier’s argument because he is refusing to be convinced about anything and there’s nothing a person could say to change his mind. Sometime this fall, expect the erstwhile liberal magazine, The New Republic, to endorse ultra right wing Republican John McCain for president.

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Joeyboy February 17, 2008 at 4:36 PM

I think we can and I am not giving up. Obama can win. Yes he can.

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