This Election Season . . .

by Michael O. Allen on February 16, 2008

We must not let Sen. John McCain, (R-AZ), pretend that a vote for him in November is not a vote for a third term for George W. Bush. We must not let him pretend that he is not Bush’s heir. He begged for this, groveled, and bargained away his integrity to have it. Everyone must keep in mind that he sold his soul to get this nomination, that he has betrayed every last principle on which his reputation for moderation stood.

Sen. McCain will try to pull the wool over the voters’ eyes with the full complicity of the corporate-owned mainstream media.

The truth is that a vote for Mr. McCain this fall is a vote for a continuation of Bush’s disastrous policies that has put the United States of America on the precipice of ruin in more ways than we dare to count.

It is important that Sen. McCain owns every part of this administration’s legacy, including the abomination of torture that became its hallmark. McCain let Abu Ghraib happened. Guantanamo Bay happened with Bush in his embrace. We waterboarded alleged enemy combatants with his full blessing.

No matter who the Democrats nominate as their standard bearer, the nation has to keep that in mind. Do we want more wars, more torture, a blighted environment, a government run in secrecy, more distrust of us by our allies around the world, and an intemperate and angry man as the next person in the oval office?

We would be voting for all that when we vote for McCain.

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Todd Drew February 16, 2008 at 6:13 PM

No, we don’t want any of that in the oval office. Thankfully, McCain won’t get anywhere near the place. This (the Democratic nomination and the Presidential election) is Obama’s game to lose. And he won’t lose.

Joeyboy February 16, 2008 at 6:20 PM

Obama is the president and the Yankees are World champs. I’ll take that.

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