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by Michael O. Allen on October 17, 2008

My Facebook friend Deborah White (her blog is called Deborah’s US Liberal Politics Blog) has followed the campaigns, watched all the debates, done the research and come up with Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the ’08 Election, Thursday October 16, 2008

Barack Obama decisively won all three presidential debates because of his many thoughtful programs for middle-class Americans, his stance on the ending the Iraq War and bringing U.S. combat troops home… and because of his agreeable, chameleon-like ability to represent many good things for a great many people.

But John McCain also lost the debates due to many factors entirely independent of Barack Obama. And because of these factors, Sen. McCain is quite likely to lose the presidential election in 19 days.

I’ve narrowed the lengthy list of self-induced reasons that will cause McCain to lose the ’08 presidential race down to five main factors.

Take a few minutes to read Five Reasons Why McCain Will Lose the ’08 Election, and let me know if you agree or disagree.

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