Keating 5 ring a bell?

by Michael O. Allen on October 7, 2008

The Central Virginia Progressive-The DAVISReport sent us this message:

Dick Cheney with lipstick in her best wink wink, nod nod, curtsy curtsy, wiggle wiggle, bratty girl whine is really desperate to turn this election around on fear and smear politics.

Fact is Obama’s connection to William Ayers has been dissected to death and it comes down to the happenstance of serving on the same board with a university professor who has a criminal history dating back 40 yrs and not relevant to the context of their crossing paths in the context of his life today as a university professor.

Like a good little pit bill she is trying real hard to gain some traction with her flirty little smear and fear act (that is so demeaning to woman) but Americans are a little too preoccupied with real crisis like vaporizing portfolios and melting mortgage houses to engage.

It does seem a bit surprising and arrogant however, that McCain would send her on this witch hunt on his behalf considering his own embarrassing involvement in the Keating 5 scandal. You’d think he’d understand the damage of innuendo and the guilt by association of questionable relationships.

Thing is, he wasn’t 8 yrs old when the crimes occurred. More on the Keating 5 scandal on the link below, courtesy of the L.A. Times

The DAVISReport

Keating 5 ring a bell? – Los Angeles Times

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