John Nichols in The Nation

by Michael O. Allen on September 25, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama, in this ad, reads the situation right. He should set an alternative path to whatever Bush and McCain are proposing. The plan Bush has and what the crowd in Washington want to do is exactly the kind of plans Obama should run away from:

Mr. Nichols reads the situation just right. An excerpt:

The question Obama must ask himself is this: If Hoover had tried to get Franklin Roosevelt to help him advance a flawed plan to bail out the bankers who made the mess, would Roosevelt have rushed to Washington for a show of unity. Or would the Democrat who gave us that New Deal have said: “Let the Republicans appear with Hoover. I’m going to keep talking about taking the nation in a completely different direction.”

There is no mystery as to why Bush and McCain want Obama to join them in the Rose Garden. They want him to be a part of their process–as opposed to an alternative to it.

Of course, appearing with Bush and McCain Thursday may help Obama to appear presidential.

But, after eight years of George Bush, America does not need the appearance of a president.

America needs a president. Bush’s agonizing address reminded a nation that long ago lost faith in his leadership that he is not up to the task. McCain’s deer-in-the-headlights dodge of trying to freeze the campaign and avoid the debates confirms that he has nothing more to offer than Bush.

Of course, they want Barack Obama to stand with them on Thursday.

Herbert Hoover would have loved to have Franklin Roosevelt at his side, instead of proposing sounder solutions.

Bush is Hoover. McCain is Hoover on steroids.

Obama, at this critical moment, should not lower himself to their level. He should be Roosevelt.

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