Community organizers

by Michael O. Allen on September 6, 2008

The nation’s backbone

At last week’s Republican convention, I was not surprised to see the Republicans mock community organizing. After all, why would they need organizers in their neighborhoods? They’re all doing well; this economy has obviously worked well for them! Obama said that McCain “doesn’t get it” and that’s true. But in regard to community organizing, the Republicans, as whole, either don’t know what it is, or think it’s a laughable pursuit.
Now, not all of us can be community organizers on the street, but helping organize our family and friends is community organizing, too. And the dissemination of correct information is one way that we can all play a pivotal role in the democratic process in general and this election in particular. Remember how well the email smears against Obama worked, huh? So, again, please watch this, and pass along to your email list.

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