Shades of Nixon

by Michael O. Allen on August 28, 2008

The campaign of John McCain for president of the United States has been lurking in the gutter these past several weeks.

Karl Rove’s henchmen, when they took over the faltering McCain campaign, they quickly surmised that they could not win on the issues. The American voters would not trust Republicans to fix the mess the party has made of the economy and America’s moral leadership in the world.

To win, they figured, they have to get in the sewer and throw sludge at Sen. Barack Obama and throw sludge they have, heckling Obama at every turn, peddling trivia and inane arguments. No matter how stupid, the McCain people with wield it. No matter how insane, McCain will come in at the end to say he approved of this message.

It’s quite a Faustian bargain: Some see McCain as a honorable man, a man of integrity. I’ve never felt that. Here is a man who sold his office to Charles Keating and cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars by running interference for him with federal regulators.

McCain not only cheated on the wife who waited at home for him during his five years in captivity, he threw her over for a much younger woman with a hefty bank account. McCain effectively abandoned his first wife and the family she was helping him raise.

How could anyone consider him a man of integrity?

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