No Hillary’s roll call at convention

by Michael O. Allen on August 11, 2008

The potential for Clinton (both Hillary and Bill) mischief is too great. Bill thinks he knows what’s best for Democrats and the country, and that’s for Hillary to be president.

RUSH “the Great Idiot” Limbaugh (speaking alternatively as himself and Bill Clinton): Remember all those times, ladies and gentlemen, I warned you never, ever trust a Clinton?  Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence?  Isn’t it interesting, with the Lord Barack Obama plunging in the polls, there’s a story today from the Huffington Post about how he’s losing in Pennsylvania, and they can’t believe it.  He ought to be cleaning up in Pennsylvania.  We can believe it.  We saw him lose Pennsylvania to Mrs. Clinton, and there was no evidence that he was going to pick up the votes that she won, so they’re all concerned about that.  And Bill’s out there now starting to give interviews about whether or not Obama is qualified, and of course Bill’s also doing some other things out there.  You know, he’s probably picking up the phone, he’s making phone calls.  You know he is. (doing Clinton impression) “Look, this guy can’t win.  Look at that media contention, went over there, went over there to Europe, and he’s plummeting in the polls.  The guy can’t win, he can’t win. His numbers are sliding.  I warned you. I warned this is going to happen.”  You know those phone calls are being made.  Mrs. Clinton, after earlier in the week saying she did not want her name placed in nomination at the convention, now says she does.

What’s to prevent HRC’s supporters, egged on by Bill behind the curtain, from hijacking the convention? If not for the nomination itselt, then for the VP slot (even if one had already be designated)? If not that, then some other outrageous demands.

Already, Clintonites are questioning why Obama is not up higher in the polls, despite their handing the McCain campaign a playbook to use to attack Obama.

Now, Clinton staffers, aided by some in the media, are asking questions about the Edwards affair and what impact it might have had on the nomination race if it had been known last year and Edwards was not in the race. As I remember, Edwards won no state (maybe one or two), his support nationwide, despite a galvanizing message, negligible.

HRC had the advantage of money, name-recognition and the entire Democratic party establishment and machinery behind her and lost to a virtual unknown, including a run of 11 straight loses at one point.

Some fear that Clinton’s mischief is not so much to get the nomination this time but to drive down Obama’s support so McCain wins so she can then run in 2012. HRC generously praised McCain during the primary, at one point even saying that she and McCain had crossed some leadership threshold that prepared them to lead the nation whereas all Sen. Obama had was some speech he made.

McCain’s campaign manager said over the weekend that he could consider making a pledge to serve only one term if elected.

Clinton is now saying that some of her supporters would like her quest to be validated with a roll call vote on the nomination on the convention floor in Denver. The roll call vote is usually a proforma affair, with the outcome foregone. Except, these are the Clintons we’re talking about.

Why won’t the Clintons just go away already?

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