by Michael O. Allen on July 30, 2008

John Edwards calls R. Kelly from the bathroom stall for advice

A code blue: Some choice quotes.

“Ok, where are you now?”

“I’m in the bathroom stall.”

“You’ve just got to stand there and say no comment or just lie. Lie, lie, lie till you can’t lie no more.”

“This isn’t as bad as you think it is. . . . I need to get the rest of the team in on this.”

“I’m guessing there’s no window that you could sneak out of?”

“No, there’s no window.”

“You may have to take a hostage.”

“When it comes to sex scandals, we must set all petty differences aside and all band together. It’s the man code”

“I made my bone by whacking Marilyn Monroe when I was just 16. Yep, that was me.”

“Nobody is getting whacked, ok?”

“If whacking people is not an option, then what do we do?”

“John Edward’s got a code blue.”

“Thanks R. Kelly. I knew you’d come through for us.”

“Alright, John, here’s the plan . . . we’ll get our friends in the press to start covering this thing up ASAP.”

“Someday you may be asked to do a service for the Cheat Team.”

Alright, that’s enough.

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