Mr. Integrity

by Michael O. Allen on July 9, 2008

(AP Photo) Republican candidate John McCain has some lipstick wiped from his face after a peck from wife Cindy in Denver.

He’s a guy who has gotten by on the barest minimum effort as others have paved the way for him. What he’s best at is posturing as a patriot, war hero, moderate, blah, blah, blah.

He gives the term shape-shifting a bad name. Whatever shape you want him to conform to, he’ll do it, no matter how hypocritical he looks doing it.

He was deep in the pocket of Charles Keating, vacationig at Keating’s resort homes while carrying water for him on Capitol Hill. He’s a philanderer who abandoned the wife and children who stood by him when he was a war prisoner because of disabling injuries she suffered in an accident.

Yet, he enjoys the best of reputations in Washington.

How does a man who is so utterly corrupt manage to convince everyone he’s Mr. Clean without ever changing his ways?

You’ll need a gullible press for that and that is, as he has bragged himself, his “base.”

In this alleged joke, this man who aspires to lead our nation expresses his genocidal thoughts about the people of another nation. I mean, already in this campaign season, we’ve talked about “bomb, bomb” Iran and “obliterating” Iran. Meanwhile, the current administration beats the war drums, threatening to attack Iran.

Is it that far-fetched to think that McCain would not give a second thought before nuking Iran, gassing its people?

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