George Carlin on golf

by Michael O. Allen on June 17, 2008

Robin Williams, too!

Then, finally, we come to golf.

Ever watch golf on TV? It’s like watching flies f–k.

I get more excited picking out socks.

Golf could be fun if you could play alone but it’s these genetic defectives that you have to hang around with that make it such a boring pastime.

Think of the brain that it takes to play golf. Hitting a ball with a crooked stick, then walking after it. And then, hitting it again.

I say pick it up ass—e. You’re lucky you found it. Put it in your pocket and go the f–k home, will ya.

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Todd Drew June 18, 2008 at 5:33 AM

These guys are hilarious. Golf is everything George Carlin says it is.

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