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by Michael O. Allen on June 12, 2008

1. NBA. I’m thinking beyond the hurt and pain to ninja-like revenge for the absolute extension of corporate corruption to (no surprise) the anti-trust-exempted NBA.

I’ve been trying to think back, through my well-known cynicism, to all the unexpected extensions of conference and final playoffs.

Back then, during slow moments in the action, my twisted mind would think about the irony of the best interest of the league’s front office (in terms of the extra gorge of TV exposure and revenue) for each series to run six or seven games.

My pre-lawyer mind even imagined the TV contract clauses paying out less for shorter series, and Lawrence O’Brien and David Stern and their lackeys sweating bullets (as in Baltimore) over the lost millions in sweeps and 4-1 series, and conspiring tpo “fix” the problem.”

Apparently, they tried (and succeeded, til now).
To think I once had (completely unrealistic and misplaced) dreams of playing for this bunch.

2. NASCAR: the Good Ole Boys take a page out of the Sista v. Knicks playbook.

Did you hear that a black woman sued NASCAR for racial and gender discrimination? She says when she complained, NASCAR brass told her to “get over it.”

I hope she does get over (it), to the tune of the $225 million she’s suing them for.

It’s the yellow flag for them, and the checkered flag for her!

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