Object lessons in Republican political ads

by Michael O. Allen on May 20, 2008

Willie Horton, his life & times

William R. Horton (born August 12, 1951 in Chesterfield, South Carolina) is a convicted felon who was the subject of a Massachusetts weekend furlough program that released him while serving a life sentence for murder, without the possibility of parole, during which furloughs he committed armed robbery and rape. A political advertisement during the 1988 U.S. Presidential race was critical of the Democratic nominee and Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis for his support of the program.

The Willie Horton incident, as it has come to be known, has overshadowed the man himself. There has been no recorded statement from him since his incarceration. However, in June 2007 a personal ad was placed online for Willie Horton.

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Willie Horton Ad

Willie Horton political ad 1988

Election night, 1988


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