Hillary was right!

by Michael O. Allen on May 14, 2008

Open hearts and minds: The good people of West Virginia

In other words:
You elites look down on us white people, thinking you’re better than us, thinking, like, just because we didn’t go to no college, you can put a black man over us. Well, ain’t you precious.
All I got is my vote and I’m going to give it to whoever I wanna give it to, even if it’s somebody who’s gonna do me harm, take away my rights, and do things to hurt me and my family. It’s my God-given right as an American.
Wake up, white people! They’re about to make a black man the president of these United States! Lord Help Us!

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Sue May 17, 2008 at 3:26 PM

I think they are saying what many people really feel but are afraid to say.

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