The New York Muts

by Michael O. Allen on February 3, 2008

I am very happy for Johan Santana. He’s set for life.

The New York Mets? They are doomed.

Santana makes them only marginally better. Those saying this trade makes them a lock to win the National League East are just plain loco. The Mets lost so many close games last season you would have thought that was the objective. And don’t forget “The Collapse,” or was it “The Choke?”

Whatever it was, the Mets did not address it by trading for Santana. The Mets’ lame lineup had trouble scoring runs last year. They’ll still have trouble scoring runs this year. Their pitching is suspect still and they’ve mortgaged their future by trading the farm to get Santana.

Willie Randolph is a good man and a good manager but Omar Minaya will sacrifice him to save his own job this year. It’ll give Minaya more time to prove himself a worse general manager of the Mets than Steve Phillips. Remember him?

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