More like the Hindenburg

by Michael O. Allen on May 12, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton biographer Carl Bernstein has a fascinating post at about her plan to land the vice-presidential spot on the Obama ticket. Titled Could Clinton land the VP nomination?, her plan to end her campaign and win the vice presidential spot is to blackmail and threaten Obama:

Take me on as your vice president, or I’ll destroy you and the Democratic Party.

Bernstein wrote that HRC’s minions are still, remarkably, trolling for dirt to destroy the Obama campaign with, even as they vigorously seek the second spot on the ticket:

A person close to her, with whom her campaign staff has counseled at various points, said this week, “I think the following will happen: Obama will be in a position where the party declares him the nominee by the first week in June. She’ll still be fighting with everybody — the Rules Committee, the party leaders — and arguing, ‘I’m winning these key states; I’ve got almost half the delegates. I have a whole constituency he hasn’t reached. I’ve got real differences on approach to how we win this election, and I’m going to press the hell out of this guy. … Relief for the middle class, universal health care, etc.; I’m Ms. Blue Collar, and I’m going to press my fight, because he can’t win without my being on the ticket.’ “

Another major Democratic Party figure, who supports her for president, agreed: “It’s not going to be a quiet exit. … Obama has got a terrible situation. He marches to a different drummer. He won’t want to take her on the ticket. But he might have to, even though the idea of Vice President Hillary with Bill in the background at the White House is not something — especially after what [the Clintons] have thrown at him that he relishes. I believe she’ll go for it.”

However, several important Democrats aligned with Obama predicted that he — and Michelle Obama — will vigorously resist any Clinton effort to get on the ticket. Rather, Obama is more likely to try to convince Clinton to either stay in the Senate or accept another position in an Obama administration, should he win the presidency.

Several Clinton associates say there is still a ray of hope among some in her campaign: that a “catastrophic” revelation about Obama might make it possible for her to win the presidential nomination. But barring that, Hillary and Bill Clinton recognize that her candidacy is being abandoned and rejected by superdelegates whom she once expected to win over and that, even if she were to win the popular vote in combined primary states, she will almost certainly be denied the nomination.

This is mind boggling. HRC has lost and her ship is losing water. Yet she is still making threats. There are other people who help Obama, if he even needs this help, with the so-called blue collar, “hard-working” white voters. Jim Webb, as I’ve stated on a number of occasions, for instance.

HRC is a disaster. Bill Clinton has turned out to be a disaster for Democrats. They both need to go away. The sooner the better.

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