The machines

by Michael O. Allen on April 12, 2008

This is a future that should not be lived and, with this incident, hopefully it’ll never come to pass.

I am talking about news that robots that the U.S. Army hopes to use to fight Iraqi insurgents acted like they had a mind of their own and that the army has decided to retire the damn things, setting the program back, at least 10 years and, maybe, as much as 20 years. I don’t know how else to formulate this but to say that we should not be in Iraq and I don’t blame the people there for fighting back. Without these machines, we have spread enough death and destruction on that nation the past five years. Talk about “smart weapons.” Here’s a commenter from last August when the army announced the robots have been deployed:

Wow, this is really a low point in the honor and integrity of our armed forces. The more we remove ourselves from the moral responsibility of taking human life, the more we will be willing to take it without regard to the consequences.

To me this is another reason why we can’t win this struggle against these extremists, they are all to willing to put everything on the line, while we look for ways to get out of the fight and engage from air conditioned command centers.

“If these robots kill an innocent civilian, who will be held responsible?”

Probably no one, they’ll write it off as some sort of malfunction and bad officers will finally free themselves from the responsibility of command.

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