Can’t win for winning?

by Michael O. Allen on April 11, 2008

What are we to make of the Knicks and their chuckle-headed coach, Isiah Thomas?
I mean, did they just win three games in a row? I am sure you’re aware that this late in the NBA season most teams try to lose their games, not win them, so they can position themselves for a lottery pick in the draft.
The Knicks are doing it backward. At this hopeless point in the season, they’ve suddenly discovered a winning form. Talk about pathetically too little too late.
It started a couple of weeks ago when the Knicks played the Miami Heat (the Heat, which traded away Shaquille O’Neal and shut down Dwayne Wade–their best player–for the year, are not gonna win another game for the rest of the season).
Isaiah Thomas, the reviled Knicks coach, came in for much criticism because the Knicks won that game.
But the only way the Knicks could have tanked that game was to not show up at the Garden that night.
The Knicks have recovered nicely, losing their next five games. Every Knicks fan was thinking lottery city, baby. Only somebody forgot to tell Thomas. Before Friday night’s game, the Knicks reeled off three victories, including against Detroit, one of the league’s elite teams.
Here’s my proposition for Don Walsh: Fire Isiah. Now!

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