“Pssst…Barack Obama is a Black Dude”

by Michael O. Allen on March 13, 2008

And Seth Grahame-Smith is one funny guy.

Writing in Huffington Post, he has some pretty good advice

for Sen. Barack Obama regarding the embarassing mess of Geraldine Ferraro. Listen:

So if I were David Axelrod, I’d fire up the nearest edit bay and flood Pennsylvania’s airwaves with an ad that went something like this:

(Start with a nasty frame-grab of Ferraro and Clinton). “Hillary Clinton’s best friend, Geraldine Ferraro, says Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is today if he wasn’t black.” (Cut to Ferraro giving the finger to a group of black Girl Scouts). “We couldn’t agree more. Barack Obama’s life as a man of mixed race taught him to respect people of all colors, faiths, and points of view.” (Cut to Obama clearing brush on his ranch). “It also instilled a great love for America as the land of opportunity. A land where people from different backgrounds could come together and achieve the impossible. Barack Obama is proud of being black.” (Cut to a beautiful Obama family portrait). He even fathered two black babies — twice as many as John McCain. Don’t the working families of Pennsylvania deserve a president who’s proud of his heritage — and proud of America? (Cut to a smiling Obama). “Barack Obama…you’re damn right he’s black.”

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Pete March 13, 2008 at 2:18 PM

Now, I finally understand. All my life I have wondered why the police pay so much attention to me and my family, friends, and neighbors. We are the special ones with all the advantages. The police ignore the white people, but they are all over us. Aren’t we lucky. That Sean Bell just doesn’t know how lucky he is, well, was. Thanks for clearing that up Ms. Ferraro. And thanks for using that Ms. Clinton.

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