Out of the mouths of . . .

by Michael O. Allen on February 26, 2008

My wife (Let’s call her LJ) and two boys (Gabriel, 10, and Aidan, 6 years old but turning 7 in five days) were walking on Hope St., by Spring, the other day when they came across a scene that was unusual enough they ran home to get a camera to record it: a Vulture eating a Possum.

On their return, the scene acquired a touch of the surreal. Vulture was still eating Possum. Then a hearse drives by.

This is where I enter. That night, the boys were telling me about their day.

Aidan: That Vulture was cute.

Gabriel (knowing his brother, laughs)

Me: It was a vulture.

Aidan: All vultures are cute.

(Aidan believes all animals are cute.)

Me: Vultures are never cute.

Aidan: How ‘bout the Possum, it was cute?

Me: It was dead!

Aidan: Besides that.

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Todd Drew February 26, 2008 at 12:30 PM

Great story. Please let us know when Aidan is playing comedy clubs in the city.

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