Invitation to a boondoggle?

by Michael O. Allen on February 22, 2008

It was a wet, slushy commute from NYC to NJ Friday night. I wanted to nap on the train. Instead, I opened The Nation magazine.
There was a piece by Gary Younge called Feudal Democracy about the wound the Democrats are about inflict on themselves by having the so-called Super-delegates pick their nominee for president at the Democratic Party Convention in Denver.
I began to read and came across this alarming passage:

The notion that this race might be settled democratically increasingly appears more a question of pragmatism than a point of principle. If the primaries are not sufficiently decisive, it seems that the nomination will be brokered by the “elders.” Superdelegates are slowly ceding their authority to a handful of super-duperdelegates. Al Gore and former Senate majority leader George Mitchell are the two “elder statesmen” most often touted with sufficient standing to fix whatever democracy might happen to break.

Please, not George Mitchell.
George Mitchell cannot settle anything. Muck things up, yes; settle ’em, no. Just ask Major League Baseball. They asked for an investigation of steroids in baseball. Mitchell gave them a clip job, compiling pretty much everything that’s been written in newspapers, magazines and books about the subject.
He also latched onto ongoing investigations and claimed them as his own.
He solved nothing, settled nothing, found nothing, smeared a legion of people and walked away with the loot. Baseball will not say how much money he wasted on that boondoggle.
Whatever happens at the convention, please don’t let George Mitchell in.

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Todd Drew February 23, 2008 at 8:34 AM

George Mitchell is a nightmare that just won’t stop for Americans. He is living proof that crooks never retire, they just find new ways to rip you off.

JoeyBoy February 25, 2008 at 1:43 PM

I hope this is a joke.

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