A Moment . . .

by Michael O. Allen on February 20, 2008

Senator Barack Obama at a rally in Houston on Tuesday night. Photo (From nytimes.com is by Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

An impressive tenth straight victory for Sen. Barack Obama, (D-IL), in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. He cut across every demographic in Wisconsin and bested his opponent in areas that were once weaknesses.

The campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, (D-NY), hasn’t thrown in the towel. Not Yet. Remember the Alamo! She said. See you in Texas, she said. She’ll work the night shift, she said. It’s about deeds, not words, she said. Besides, don’t listen to those sweet words because Obama plagiarized some of them, she said.


An argument could be made that all these victories suddenly put Ohio in play and Texas may even be winnable for Sen. Obama.

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Todd Drew February 20, 2008 at 12:59 PM

Everything looks winnable for him right now. Let’s hope he can keep it rolling.

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