by Michael O. Allen on January 21, 2008

I posted a piece about Barack Obama a couple of days ago. I got a couple of comments from Todd Drew of the Yankees for Justice blog (great blog) and one of his readers. Here’s what they said and my reply:

Todd Drew said…
There are a lot of liberals that think the Democratic Party is not liberal enough for them anymore. Comments like this from one of the Party’s up-and-coming leaders only strengthens that belief.

JoeyBoy said…
Greetings, I came over from Yankees for Justice. I like your commentary.

I had not seen those Reagan comments before. I like Obama, but if he thinks ANYTHING Reagan did is going to play with people like me he is sorely mistaken.

Michael O. Allen said…

Thanks and welcome. I hope to have posted more but I caught a flu bug and have been bed-ridden.

On the post, I love politics and I really, really want to like Obama. Comments like the one about Reagan (which I think is tactical but I don’t understand the tactic) is what’s keeping me from coming fully on board. Like Todd said, he’s a real bright star of the Democratic Party. The question is, where does he want to take the party?

I hope it’s not in the direction that Reagan took the nation. Reagan did real and lasting damage.

Thanks again. Michael

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